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Live Capture, Tranquilising & Transport

LiveCapture, Tranquilising & Transport

Whether you operate a commercial deer farm, an extensive park system or just have a few deer around, you will at some time or another have need for the use of tranquilising equipment.

Tasks such as de-antlering, veterinary surgery, relocation or simply retrieving escaped animals invariably require the use of tranquilising equipment as this is often the only means by which these tasks can be carried out humanely and safely.


Care with darting both before and after is critical - an incorrect dosage can easily be fatal. This is a job for professionals and should never be attempted except under the correct management and with the correct tools.

We offer professional live capture services to:

  • The Veterinary Profession
  • Police Constabularies
  • County Councils
  • Small Holders
  • Commercial Farmers
  • Deer Park Owners