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Fencing Services

Deer fence is necessary to enable effective managing of grazing, prfotecting your assets and reducing the threat to public safety. Deer fencing, when properly planned for, constructed and maintained, can be an effective way of controlling deer to allow different land-uses to co-exist in close proximity and to protect public safety.

PDMS offer a full fencing service including the all or some of the following as required:

  • Survey Site
  • Identify correct fencing for the environment
  • Sourcing of the fencing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

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Post Drivers

Part of the process of installation is the use of 'Post Drivers'. We have close contact with a leading supplier of this equipment should you be interested in purchasing your own on site equipment for continued use.

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Our recommended post drivers have been tested in most terrains around the world with exceptional results.

A fully counterbalanced side-mounted machine with adjustable balance feet, connected to the standard three-point linkage will link easily to a tractor. All links, side adjustment and angles are determined at the flick of the hydraulic system control lever.

  • 3 Point Linkage - Side Mounted
  • Proven World Over
  • The World's Finest Post Driver with Double Thickness Steel on the Main Beam
  • Standard 450mm Hydraulic Side Shift
  • Ideal for Deer Farmers.
  • Mounts to Tractors - Drives up to 300mm dia. Posts