PDMS is an approved supplier in the UK for Paxarms


Working with PAXARMS and providing their Live Capture Equipment, the company has access to the most technologically advanced equipment available. Students are trained in the use of this equipment, and so they become familiar with the safe and efficient operation of the dart rifle and darts.

PAXARMS has been an active contributor to the scientific community in both research and development for nearly 60 years making the PAXARMS SYSTEM an international standard in itís field.

PAXARMS is committed to continue producing ethical, economical and easy-to-use systems; independent research has proved the PAXARMS SYSTEMS to be the most gentle and most reliable SYSTEM available on the market.

The popular PAXARMS MK24C DART PROJECTOR and PAXARMS ROTARY FOUR BARREL DART PROJECTOR make up the staple of the REMOTE INJECTION systems, each internationally acclaimed, PAXARMS REMOTE INJECTION SYSTEM comes with a comprehensive KIT made for the specific care and maintenance of your SYSTEM, also each unit is rigorously tested prior to shipping.

The the lightweight PAXARMS REMOTE SYRINGE is the most durable on the market, made from a special Polycarbonate the material is able to withstand great extremes in temperature and endure repeated use under rugged conditions. Also available for more immediate requirements is the savvy PAXARMS SYRINGE POLE, popular with deer farmers the world over.