Rifle training is an essential part of effective deer management

Rifle Training

Rifle training is an essential part of effective deer management. Dave Russell is an experienced marksmen and offers training courses which will enable you to attain a high level of competence with a rifle.

Darting, Immobilisation, Live Capture & Live Deer Handling Course

PDMS operates the only specialised darting and live capture course of its kind in the UK. This unique course directed by Dave Russell of PDMS is the result of over 20 years full time experience in professional deer management.

In those two decades PDMS have darted deer of many species throughout the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. As a result PDMS is now without doubt one of the country’s leading specialists in the live capture of deer.

Working with PAXARMS and providing their Live Capture Equipment, the company has access to the most technologically advanced equipment available. Students are trained in the use of this equipment, and so they become familiar with the safe and efficient operation of the dart rifle and darts.

Only through this structured training program can we be sure that students are capable of operating to the high standard that, over the years, our customers have come to expect.

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